Our consultants also have in depth system implementation project experience. We have provided consultants, team leaders, integration managers and deployment and embedding services for medium to large scale ERP projects. We also specialise in data life cycle management through our expertise in data migration, data management process design and archiving. We have alliances with engineering and reliability specialists to supplement our solution offering.

We specialise in the following lines of business:

Asset Management

Our consulting experience across industries gives us the insight that is required to help businesses get their asset strategies from the asset engineer’s desk to execution in the most efficient and accurate way. We understand that maintenance measurement and compliance is of utmost importance for safety, environment compliance and asset performance and the need to tie these measures back to strategies is required for a holistic asset management approach.

Management Of Change

Change in software configuration, technical systems and procedures can pose major risks or provide opportunities to organisations. Change requests can reach unacceptable backlog quite rapidly if the processes to manage change is not optimal. We can assist organisations to streamline their change management processes to get the best results.

Project Systems

Integrating SAP project systems with maintenance scheduling and execution is a challenge for most businesses that look at leveraging these SAP modules to manage integrated activities plans, plant shutdown or turnaround or capital expenditure projects. We have experience in various industries where specialised industry functionality combined with standard SAP are utilised to deliver project-oriented asset management solutions.